Heart of Avalon: Our Mission and How We Began

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Why the name “Heart of Avalon”?

Heart of Avalon is the name I chose for my business, but it’s not just my business–it’s my passion project. I care deeply about helping people everywhere step up to live a joyous life of greater balance and connection.

Often, people ask me why I chose the name “Heart of Avalon.” It turns out, I also care deeply about metaphors! I believe there is power in names and a powerful story underlies great successes.

So, here is the story of Avalon, which inspired me to create this network for holistic healers.

How Heart of Avalon Got Started

When I first began to connect with other healers in my local area, I noticed that many of these healers would share the same vision: we should have a community where we help each other heal, share community resources, and celebrate together.

This was the common vision. Yet, each that held it sought to be the center of it. I eventually concluded that the right way to realize this vision was to create a network of support for all these healers, “decentralizing” the community.

That’s the key part to recognize: people don’t need a leader, they need inspiration. With that, they will find opportunities to carve their own path forward and guide others on their way as well.

So I decided to create a network and invite healers everywhere to join. Let each create his retreat center, her mountain sanctuary, or their center for healing arts. My main goal is to be a resource to help the healers achieve their dreams of healing others.

They say you can get a lot more done if you don’t care about taking the credit.

Turning To The Mythos of Avalon

As I began to envision this network, it occurred to me that the mythic history of Avalon held a key to making it work.

Did you know that Avalon is a Celtic word meaning “Island of Apples”? This mythic location was envisioned as a place of abundance and great health. 

The critical inspiration is that we are all connected and we are all aspects of the life matrix here on Earth. Nature and life do not have a center, and each part of nature, humans included, have an important role to play.

We can carry the Spirit of Avalon in our hearts. We can be an influence to heal the world.

In the renowned Mythic History, King Arthur is taken to the island of Avalon after being mortally wounded in battle. There, he is healed of his wounds, regains his strength, and prepares to return one day to lead his people toward a new and better society.

Avalon is a magical place where earth lore and earth magic are abundant. Magical beings live there, as do humans that have learned the secrets of living in harmony with nature. Together, they represent an ideal that we are in this world to heal, uplift, support, and sustain life.

The Once and Future King had tried to uplift his people when he created the Round Table. He had taught that the proper use of our life energy is to do good–protect each other, help each other, uplift each other, and inspire each other. We can each take up this noble cause and shift our energies toward this ideal.

How to Help Avalon Grow

If we are wise, we will carry the spirit of Avalon in our heart. Like a seed, it will take root and spread its influence everywhere we go. Avalon within our hearts creates Avalon in the world around us.

Notice, each day, how the world around you becomes ever more beautiful as you take the time to show kindness. So, offer help. Give encouragement. Express gratitude. Share in a celebration. Support life.

Carry yourself through life with a Heart of Avalon.



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