Social Media for the Holistic Healer Part 3: How to Connect With Your Audience Through Relationship-Based Content

Social Media for the Holistic Healer Part 3: How to Connect With Your Audience Through Relationship-Based Content

You’re a holistic healer who hates posting on social media? You don’t have to be!

That’s why we at Heart of Avalon put together a three-part blog series to address how to use social media authentically to build your holistic healing business! 

In Part 1 we covered the basics: checking the ego, mental health, and staying true to you. In Part 2 we discussed value-based content, specifically educational content, inspirational content, and promotional content. 

In this third and final post of the series we cover relationship-based content. If you are still feeling icky about social media even after reading the last two blogs, then this one’s for you!

There is nothing icky about using social media to connect to your audience on a human to human level. This is an integral part of any holistic practitioner’s social media presence! We’ll break it down into three parts: entertaining, interactive, and engaging. 

Entertaining Content Captures Attention

Entertaining content, while still relevant to your niche and consistent with your brand, is the most “random” content you post. However, you creatively make it relevant to your niche and business. It can include: 

  • Memes
  • Viral audio
  • Jokes
  • Nostalgia 
  • Seasonal or holiday relevance 

For example in June 2023, “Wes Anderson” inspired videos are trending on TikTok. A holistic healing business owner might take this trend and create a “day in the life” video or “how-to” video using this theme. 

You’re probably thinking, ‘But wait, you told me to not follow trends!’ We don’t recommend basing your entire presence off of trends, or copying what others in your niche are doing. However, tweaking trends to fit into your niche, therefore making them unique and specific to your brand, makes for some really fun and entertaining content! 

Entertaining content is not meant to be the main sustenance of your social media strategy, but rather an amuse-bouche. 

Interactive Content Gets The Reader Involved

Interactive content encourages your audience to respond to your posts, instead of passively consuming them. Research shows that interactive content benefits engagement rates, increases data you can capture, and improves brand loyalty. Win, win and win! 

Interactive content is all about your audience. These posts demonstrate to your audience that you care about them, their experiences, and their opinions. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to creatively get to know them and connect with them. 

The most simple and common forms of interactive content on social media are surveys and polls. Humans love talking about themselves. Post a poll or survey on your story or in a group about a specific opinion or experience. Not only does this make your audience feel listened to, but it also captures valuable data for you about your dream clients! 

Contests and giveaways are examples of other types of interactive content! These are great ways to build your audience and provide value. To host a contest or giveaway:

  1. Create an enticing prize such as a free session or free “starter kit.” Of course, something relevant to your holistic healing business. 
  2. Then set the rules to enter. Popular rules often include contestants needing to tag 3 friends on your post, and share your post in their story, and follow you if they don’t already. 
  3. Announce a winner after a set period of time. And make sure to follow through on everything you promised! 

The beauty of giveaways is that people will only participate if they want to. In that way, it is organic publicity. 

Comment And React To Engage With Your Audience 

Last but certainly not least, focus on engaging with your audience. This last category isn’t a type of content, but rather a recommendation for your general social media strategy. 

  • You need to respond to every single comment in the comment section.
  • You need to respond to direct messages. 
  • You need to build a rapport with your audience. 
  • Be positive and be personal.

People look to social media more and more for community and connection. Let your authentic voice and personality shine through how you interact with your audience. Provide your audience the chance to get to know you on a more personal level by engaging with anyone who reaches out for connection (which by the way is exactly what they’re doing when they comment or DM!).

Invest your time in your community by personally engaging with them on your platforms. This engagement strengthens your audience’s relationship with your brand. You want your audience to feel connected to you because it increases brand loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations! 

We’re In It for the People…

You are a holistic healer because you want to help people. Relationship-based content shows your audience that you care about them regardless of if they purchase your services. The first priority is to build connections, and then you trust that the sales will follow. 

You deserve to make money for your highly-skilled and valuable services – but you must ensure your audience knows that you care for them as humans, not just as dollars. That is why relationship-centered social media content is so important!  



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