The Seven Root Values – A Daily Guide to Self-Improvement

The Seven Root Values – A Daily Guide to Self-Improvement For a Better Society

Many people say they want to live a life of higher ideals for self-improvement. But what, exactly, does that mean?

Living a life toward a higher purpose is what we hear about from religions, spiritual gurus, and motivational speakers. If you think about it, declaring anything in particular to be a “higher purpose” is a bit ostentatious.

I believe that we each can choose to give ourselves purpose in this life, but what that purpose is, clearly, is a personal choice. The choices we make ultimately define our experience in life.

Now I’m the sort of person who is intent on becoming better, working to find my center and follow ideals that make me feel good about myself. You are the same way, I’m certain! So, what guide can we follow to remain focused on making the world a better place?

When founding Heart of Avalon, I created the seven Root Values to provide this kind of guidance. That’s one for each day of the week! I believe when we focus on our self-betterment, we can build a society that’s fundamentally and holistically better.

Let’s dig deep and uncover the ways these values can help us all. 

First Value – Monday: Balance

Seek Stability even as circumstances change

Balance is your poise, emotional equilibrium, and tendency to seek your own center. Investing in this aspect makes it easier to handle unexpected challenges, giving you more ease and flow as you move through life.

But remember: true balance is not static; rather, dynamic. Remain in motion and stay fluid.

Second Value – Tuesday: Growth

Support ongoing improvement, development and progress

In every journey, growth happens as a result of meeting challenges and overcoming them. It’s important to accept the fact that we are always changing in some way, even when we don’t realize it.

With new growth comes new capability, which brings new opportunity. Supporting growth means encouraging yourself and others to get stronger, make improvements, and become better than before.

Third Value – Wednesday: Foresight

Consider the path and the eventual destination.

Foresight is the ability to understand the consequences and results that are likely to come about from the current situation and choices. We all have a degree of foresight which we can develop and master with practice.

As we learn from our history, we can better navigate our own future. Masterful foresight allows us to find a path of success and progress.

Fourth Value – Thursday: Responsibility

Accept the consequences of my own choices

Responsibility means accepting the consequences of our own choices. When we realize how we may have impacted the people and the world around us, we can start to look honestly at ourselves.

So how often do we actually do this? When we accept our role in the events around us, we learn to make better choices. Often the change we want to see in the world starts with us.

Fifth Value – Friday : Compassion

Offer empathy, assistance and comfort

Compassion is more than just feeling for others–it’s also acting for their best interest. It should be common sense to lift others up, but are we living up to that ideal? Do we consider others as we make choices?

Once we recognize the ways we are the same, we begin to unite together as a greater society. We’ll also want to help others toward their own path of happiness.

Sixth Value – Saturday: Connection

Honor my relationships with others

Connection with others is the fabric of society. We are all connected to others in bonds of mutual reliance. We are always stronger working together. We know this with our most primal instincts.

We support each other. We work together.  We celebrate together. When we create strong connections, we keep the fabric of our society strong.

Seventh Value – Sunday: Trust

Act with integrity in word and deed

Trust begets trust. By following our hearts to act with integrity and honor in our dealings with others, we show ourselves to be trustworthy. We keep promises. We are reliable. When we act with integrity and openness, we elicit trust from others.

When we have the assurance that we can rely on others, then we are free to put more of our energy into living life joyously.

Self-Improvement Benefits All of Us

Each of these seven root values – Balance, Growth, Foresight, Responsibility, Compassion, Connection, and Trust – describes an important aspect to living life toward a higher purpose.

Taken together, they provide guidance for every challenge we might face. As we each grow individually stronger, we join together and create a stronger society.



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