6 Steps to Make Click-Worthy Listings on Heart of Avalon

6 Steps to Make Click-Worthy Listings on Heart of Avalon

A great first impression is vital for any business owner, so making attention grabbing listings is one of the first concepts you need to master! The strongest offer clearly lists what the the person seeking your holistic health services can expect after purchasing from you. This means being clear about:

  • Who your service/product is for
  • What the holistic health benefits are
  • How long it takes to complete

When you submit your listing on Heart of Avalon, you’ll get some great perks that are currently free for all new members! You’ll get featured on our Facebook page and in our email newsletter. We’ll also go over your listing to make sure it’s the best it can be! 

It can take some time for it to be approved (you can expect 2-3 days per submission). In that time, we’ll work with you to make sure you have a complete and interesting listing to reach your ideal customer. This is one of the many free services we offer to all our members! 

Read on to learn more best practices for listings on Heart of Avalon:

Minimum Requirements For Each Listing

These are the six required elements you need to submit a complete listing. It’s important in the holistic health sphere to be perfectly clear about what you promise and what clients can expect. In this article, we’ll go over each one and talk about what to do and what to avoid.

  • Title 
  • Tagline
  • Description
  • Price
  • Website
  • Images


What to include: To help search engine optimization (SEO), explain exactly what you’re offering in the title. That means if you’re offering a 6 week nutrition package, you should include the words “nutrition coaching.” Then on top of that, think about what words can show the transformation you’re promising for your clients. Use the words potential clients already use to describe their needs. They already know what they’re looking for; you’re here to provide it!

For example, you can name your listing: Align Your Life Path: 7-Week Coaching Program for Stress Reduction. This tells seekers what to expect, what this program is for, and how long it takes to complete. Then anyone who is interested and learn more in the rest of your listing!

What to avoid: Don’t use short titles and vague results. Some people talk about the importance of leaving a “curiosity gap,” but if you leave one that’s too big, there’s nothing to catch possible clients with! It’s also important to be “clear, not clever” in your copy writing. This means explaining your services without too much wordplay. You can use some clever lines in the tagline and description, but to create the most effective title, be clear!


What to include: This helps seekers understand what you’re offering at a glance, making them interested in learning more about what you have to offer. Include numbers, which catch your seeker’s eye, as well as give them quick information about what’s for sale. How much time it takes, how many spots or products are available, or even if it’s only available for a limited time!

What to avoid: Try not to use too many words to describe your offering. You’ll have plenty of space to explain everything in the description of your listing, so use the tagline to create intrigue and excitement for what you’re offering! This is a great space to be more clever in how you name your products.


What to include: Focus on your seeker and their needs. What do they want? What are they looking for? You can use phrases like:

  • “I will help you…”
  • “You will get…”
  • “After just x short weeks…”

Phrases like this help them know what to expect from working with you!

This is the place to include all necessary information clients need, so worry only about making to too short. The other elements help to catch their attention, so here is where you become explicitly clear of what to expect. If you have testimonials from past clients, you can include them here. You can also encourage people to review your service or product on the listing page itself!

What to avoid: Explain who you are, but don’t add too much about you. Often this is the first time a seeker is introduced to your business, but they’re here to learn how you can help them. So focus first on summarizing your relevant experience, then using testimonials to let happy clients tell them about you! And if you want to talk about who you are in general, fill your Profile in your Dashboard.


What to include: One time payments work best with listings on Heart of Avalon, but you can create special deals by making your own product bundles! If you’re selling handmade candles, you can create a bundle of your 3 most popular scents and price them all together!

NOTE: If you don’t want to list something for free, don’t enter a number at all. Also, make sure you use the word “Free” in your title to draw interest!

What to avoid: Our listing allows only one pricing option to be displayed, so choose the number that’s accurate, but that wouldn’t scare people away. For example, if you offer a weekly online yoga class, show the price you charge per week. This is accurate while giving them a chance to understand how you break down the prices. Or if you sell them in a package of 6 weeks, give the 6 week price. Be clear about your prices so no one gets sticker shock!


What to include: One of our Three Keys To Business is to have a “home base,” meaning a URL where you can reliably be contacted. This doesn’t have to be your own domain, especially if you’re just starting out! 

By the way, Heart of Avalon automatically offers a way for seekers to email you, so if needed, you can link back to your profile with us!

What to avoid: We don’t recommend linking to one of your social media accounts, but it technically is allowed. Having control over your own space means that you don’t have to compete with other users, and you can give potential clients everything they need to learn more about you!


What to include: Faces automatically draw our eyes. If you feel comfortable using a picture of yourself in your promotional image, wonderful! This helps seekers to trust and relate to you as a fellow human.  But if you’re unsure about using your own picture, consider using an illustration with a friendly face. You can also use stock photos, but we don’t recommend using those for your preview image. Your listing can have up to 5 images, so you can use them for other uploads.

What to avoid: Too much information on a picture can look like clutter. A few simple elements go a long way! One title, one tagline, one image is the minimum you need! If you want something with minimum fuss, use our free Canva template! It’s sized so your preview image can fit when displayed anywhere on our website.

If you’d like to make your own, design an image that is 700 x 550 dpi. Don’t place vital information outside of the red frame (440 X 500), or else it will be cropped in a way that blocks your content.

Create Your First Listing (With Our Help)

Listing your business on Heart of Avalon helps you do several different things. You can reach new people, as well as network with other healers and practitioners like you. And you can build your online presence in a cluttered world.

And remember, all our members get help setting up their listings! Just submit what you can, and our staff will help you get everything perfect to post!



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