Social Media for the Holistic Healer Part 1: Post From the Heart

Social Media for the Holistic Healer Part 1: Post From the Heart

Take a moment to close your eyes, slow down your breath, place your hand on your chest, and think about social media.

How does it make you feel in your body? In your heart? In your mind? 

Maybe, it gives you a little flutter of anxiety. A sudden onset panic that you’re not posting effectively, or that you’ll never measure up to other accounts in your holistic health niche. An overall feeling of “ick.”

Or, maybe you simply don’t care about social media and don’t bother yourself or your holistic wellness business with it. 

If you fall into either of these two camps or maybe somewhere in between, then this post is for you. We are going to help you use social media in a way that feels authentic and aligned to your values as a holistic healing artist.

Do I Have to Use Social Media for My Holistic Healing Business?

As a holistic healer, you are also, by default, an entrepreneur. And do you know what entrepreneurs must do to find success? Market themselves. 

We live in a time when creating a small business, at little to no financial cost, is easier than ever. Hallelujah for that! But in order for your small business to pay the bills, and reach your dream clients – you have to have a consistent and valuable online presence.

If you have a holistic health business and feel uncomfortable marketing and using social media, read on. This post is the first of a three-part series in which we will deep dive into how to leverage social media while staying grounded, aligned, and authentic.

Today, we identify the hallmarks of posting intuitively and from the heart. In the next blog, we’ll explore value-based content, and in part three we discuss relationship-based content. 

Anti-ego Social Media for the Holistic Healer

For most people, social media is all about the ego. As spiritually enlightened beings, we know that the ego is the enemy of the most authentic self. The ego only serves to bolster its pride, and impress others. It is also what causes you to compare yourself to others, resulting in envy, ungratefulness, or insecurity.

It’s easy to see how social media is a breeding ground for out-of-control egos. There is plenty for the bottomless beast to feast on.

As a holistic healer, you can use social media more intuitively by checking your ego. Before making any post, story, or reel, ask yourself why you are posting this. Is it to gain followers? Ego. For likes? Ego. So people think you have it all together? Ego.

Be honest with yourself, and exchange ego-centered posts for authentic posts that serve to attract and engage with your dream clients. 

Social Media and the Holistic Healer’s Mental Health

It’s no secret that social media is an ego-feeding frenzy. So, it’s natural that the constant bombardment of everyone’s perfectly curated highlight reels affects your mental health. In fact, many studies show that heavy social media use is correlated to increased depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 

Although social media is a valuable tool for your business, you must stay diligently aware of its effect on your mental health. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. To prevent social media burnout and its negative effects, try these tips:

  • Don’t go on social media until after you’ve completed your entire morning routine
  • Don’t go on social media one hour before bedtime
  • Reserve one full day per week to be social-media free
  • Try to spend 75% of your time on social media either creating or engaging and only 25% on passively scrolling 

If social media burnout has already set in, then it’s time for a detox. It can feel scary to take a break from social media if it’s an important part of your business plan. But your mental health will thank you and your audience will understand. Consider taking a minimum of one week completely unplugged from social media. 

Holistic Healers Post in Alignment With the Present

We are giving you permission to ditch the content calendars. That’s right, scrap the plan. Delete the reminders on your phone. Forget about that latest trend that you don’t really understand anyway. 

Because here’s the thing, you are not a trend. The purpose of your social media presence is to attract your dream clients and connect with them. Do you think they will feel connected to you if all they see are pre-planned copies of viral content? No.

They want to connect to the real and authentic you. So stop following the trends and chasing down the latest algorithm. That also means that you get to post what you want when you want. Post what feels aligned and authentic to you. 

Having a content calendar can take the joy and spontaneity out of posting. It can make your content feel forced and contrived- not at all aligned with the present moment. Your audience will be able to tell if your heart isn’t in your posts. Give yourself the freedom to ditch the plan and start posting more intuitively. 

The Bottom Line- Post From Your Heart

You started your business from your heart. You can build your business from your heart, too. All you need to do is start with the foundation we laid today about how to use social media as a holistic healer.

We’re going to go into more detail in the next two blog posts about how to use value-based and relationship-based content to authentically use social media to attract your dream clients. 

Learn more about authentic social media with Part 2!



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