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In order to encourage and empower people to participate in a symbiotic economy, Heart of Avalon has acquired, a platform for exchanging goods and services without using money.  Originally launched in 2015, Simbi is a leading online service platform and community that supports various methods and forms of alternative payment: alternative credits, direct exchange, pay-it-forward. etc.

Simbi has offerings across hundreds of service categories and is home to tens of thousands of unique offerings and services.  It enables people all over the world to live a higher quality of life.

New Opportunity for Non-profits!

We’re updating Simbi’s economy to be driven by non-profit volunteer time, and we’re looking to help non-profits!

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Help us test the new features we’ve got on to help you recruit volunteers — join our Non-profit Partner Feedback Group to get started!


Our Root Values


Seek Stability even as circumstances change


Support ongoing improvement, development and progress


Consider the path and the eventual destination.


Accept the consequences of my own choices


Offer empathy, assistance and comfort


Honor my relationships with others


Act with integrity in word and deed

How to Participate

Heart of Avalon exists for you. And it is as great as the energy we all put into it. Bring forth your ideas and healthy living projects in our Facebook Group! Let’s talk about different holistic ways we can stay healthy on an individual, community and planet levels.

Check out and join It is a terrific symbiotic economy platform that allows you to offer what you love and receive what you need. No dollars need to be exchanged!

And something to look forward to: we are hard at work creating a fun and  interactive forum to move the Facebook discussion to. Stay tuned!


Simbi caught my interest because it seemed like a great way to encounter like-minded individuals, and to take part in a community that operates upon a foundation of truly reciprocal services. When I signed up, I recruited some friends and did my first few deals. I began to meet so many great people with amazing energy, and I reconnected with my skills and hobbies.

I was looking for a community where I could gain real-world experience and Simbi was the perfect fit for me. I joined without hesitation and made my first deal, a website designed for my publishing company. Since then, I have found an amazing community of people willing to teach and give to complete strangers.

Megan C.

Simbi is how I wish the world was. I love meeting new people and doing new things, and my deepest passion is building deep relationships of mutual support, encouragement, and enjoyment. This website has opened the door for me to explore so much about others and myself.

Raechel. W.

How Heart of Avalon is Helping the World

As part of our mission, Heart of Avalon is committed to helping facilitate the creation of healthy, whole communities by supporting organizations and individuals that value health, sustainability and abundance and are aligned with the ideals to support this.

Heart of Avalon will accomplish this by:

  • Pooling and sharing resources
  • Creating, connecting and facilitating communication between communities
  • Helping harness and leverage valuable skill-sets
  • Organizing, sponsoring and facilitating educational events

It’s our goal to connect health and wellness practitioners (including therapists, artists, and teachers), with members of the community though a variety of activities including classes, gatherings, workshops, and community events that promote better health, self-awareness, conscious living and community connection.

In essence, we aim to provide experiences that create and foster a desire for a better way of living in the world and a closer-knit community. All Heart of Avalon activities are guided by our root values.  We believe that with our collective efforts, we become a powerful and positive influence in our local communities and in the world.


What Does "Heart of Avalon" Mean?

In the renown mythic history, King Arthur is taken to the island of Avalon after being mortally wounded in battle. While there, he is healed of his wounds, regains his strength, and then prepares to return to lead his people toward a new and better society.

Avalon is a magical place where earth lore and earth magic are abundant. Magical beings live alongside humans in harmony with nature. Together they represent an ideal – a world where we all heal, uplift, support and sustain life.

The once and future king created the Knights of the Round Table and made it his mission to teach the proper use of our life energy, which is to do good, protect, help, uplift and inspire each other.

Heart of Avalon’s mission is to take up this noble cause and shift our energies toward this ideal. Avalon within our hearts creates Avalon in the world around us.

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