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Want to learn more connecting authentically with others? We’ve collected some of the best articles and resources online to help you!

We at Heart of Avalon want to share this beautiful article by Christopher D. Connors on a style of leadership that is based on devotion of a leader to truly serve his or her people.

Full article can be found here.

“The technology that connects us also divides us.” An eye opening film and website on the influence of social media on the life quality of people. Tips and strategies how to remain sane and well through measured use of technology. A must see.

Find all the information here.

Benefits of Social Connection

Social connection can be fun, intimidating, challenging, nourishing… to name a few. A few websites in the links below outline a few concrete benefits of social connection just to inspire you movement towards it should you choose it.

Article from Illinois State University

Article from MindWise

Article from Psychology Today

We are Heart of Avalon value authentic trust-based relationships. They are the backbone of the happy tribe we envision.  And we want to share this article by Nate Bagley. It was originally published by The Gottman Institute. We are offering the link to the full article below.

Full Article Can Be Found Here at The Gottman Institute

We at Heart of Avalon want to share this resource on beautifying your home without spending a fortune. See the full article for tips and ideas.

Healthy interpersonal relationships add generously to our personal  as well as our communal well-being. We at Heart of Avalon want to share this amazing article by Zack Brittle on how to increase the sense of closeness and satisfaction in a relationship.

Full article can be found here.

We at Heart of Avalon are excited to share this great article from the Conscious Company by  on how to communicate with people from a place of genuine curiosity about their humanity instead of habitual reactivity and defensiveness. Please enjoy!

Full article can be found here.