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Want to learn more about doing your part to help Mother Nature? We’ve collected some of the best articles and resources online to help you better understand about climate change, growing your own food, and find other methods of greener living.

Hoo-guh-what?! Hugelkultur, pronounced, “Hoo-Gul-Culture,” means hill culture or hill mound in German. Hugelkultur raised beds are no-dig raised beds that hold moisture, build fertility and maximize surface volume so that you get double the yield when harvest time comes.

This very prolific invention is directly related to permaculture. It is easy to build and produces unexpected results.

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Education is definitely a part of the solution we can all work together towards. This very informative article offers an overall summary of all the factors that need to be considered in understanding climate change. And it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many concrete things we all can do.

Full article by Alex Hubbe and Mark Hubbe can be found here.

Mary Meade outlines 10 simple ways we can help our planet and fight climate change. If you need a refresher, here it is.

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We at Heart of Avalon care about both environment and individual health. This articles has interesting facts on how different types of milk rate in terms of their environmental impact.

Full article by Dora Marinova and Diana Bogueva be found here.

A number of passionate and dedicated humans have created the movie Kiss the Ground to teach us how we can contribute to the health of our planet. It is a very hope-inspiring film for the times when one can feel defeated. The website also has amazing resources for hope and action.

This site has amazing resources and the film.

These Amazon tribes live completely separate from the rest of the civilization. Indigenous peoples and local communities offer a scalable, climate solution, as recently recognised in the UN IPCC Land Use report.

Watch these nine beautiful documentaries on climate change and valuable solutions on how to reverse it here.

We at Heart of Avalon care about our planet and its health. So we thought we’d share this article by Gordon Grajek at Good Housekeeping on how to recycle correctly.

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