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    Kaia Kailani

    I was reading an article just now on buying organic groceries. I try to buy everything organic whenever I can. But this article reminded me of a few things… I thought I’d past a little piece from it here.

    Basically I am reminded of how local farmers might not have the “certified organic” label but offer a good well produced local products.

    “A package that comes with a green “Organic” sticker isn’t necessarily the best choice. Certified organic farms are greener in some regards: They refrain from using synthetic pesticides and practice sustainable farming methods like crop rotation. But these aspects are small pieces of agriculture’s total environmental impact. Organically-raised beef still produces methane, which is a major contributor to global warming, and organic labels have nothing to do with how far the food traveled to get to your plate. Instead consider buying from local farms, which are sometimes too small to afford organic certification even when they qualify”

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