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    I recall reading a book, years ago, wherein the author suggested, almost prescriptively, that I should “acknowledge the power of words to create reality.” Over the years since I read that, I have thought about the words I choose and how they can affect my thinking and the thinking of those that hear or read them. If all actions start with a thought (or desire), then something that affects thoughts can, indeed, influence real actions. I’m convinced that words—phrasing, tone, nuance, innuendo, etc—do have the power to influence actions and, thereby, create reality.

    Since that time I have made it my goal to discipline myself to shift my language, slowly and surely, in order to help to create the best possible reality. I value free expression. Can I use my free expression to influence a positive outcome in myself and others? Yes, I can. More recently, someone told me that they see me as an “Eternal Optimist,” and I took that as a beautiful compliment.

    Here are a few easy “hacks” to help you begin to make the shift:

    — Replace “I’m afraid that <bad outcome>”
    with “I’m hoping that <good outcome>”
    — Replace “Knowing my luck, <bad outcome>”
    with “I’m fortunate that it’s likely that <good outcome>”
    — Replace “I don’t want <bad outcome>”
    with “I’m working and planning to support <good outcome>”
    — Replace “I have a feeling that <bad outcome>”
    with “I’m determined to create <good outcome>”

    If you pay attention to the subtle messages that you give yourself (and others) you can shift your thinking, and, in so doing, shift your reality.

    Can you change your life just by changing your words? Yes, you can.

    Penny for your thoughts…!

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