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    Do you practice safe SEGZ?

    Ever since the pandemic began, we’ve all had to learn new habits and follow new safety protocols. This sort of thing is not new. Back in the 80s, when AIDS became an epidemic, then a pandemic, we all had to learn new safety protocols around sexual interactions–“Safe Sex”. We all want to stay healthy, and so we adapted as we adopted these new habits and behaviors into our lives.

    With the current pandemic, the new safety protocols and habits are much more pervasive in our lives. Thankfully, this time around, there is less stigma associated with the disease. That means we can talk about it more easily. So, while dating or going on hikes or setting up a meditation circle, we can talk about “Social Engagement in the Germ Zone” (SEGZ).

    In the current state of the pandemic, reducing that amount of SEGZ that you are engaging in is important—to slow the spread. Yet, we all want SEGZ—hugs, lunches with friends and family, movie nights, etc. Have a “Safe SEGZ” talk whenever you are considering engaging in SEGZ with someone. Be aware who else your SEGZ partner is having SEGZ with. Choose to limit your SEGZ partners to a select, intentionally-smaller group.

    Together, we can find our new normal sooner rather than later.

  • Praticing Safe SEGZ

  • Kaia Kailani

    February 8, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    This is an interesting comparison. So true: having an in-depth conversation before SEGZ instead of assuming everything will be just fine is a great idea.

    Another layer to the “let’s see eath other’s test results” conversation 🙂

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