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    Kaia Kailani

    With the Pandemic still happening, I have been watching the trash bins everywhere overflow with rubbish, a lot of it coming from take out meals. I understand that using throw-away everything is supposed to make less germs. But the impact on the environment is just so devastating.

    So on the personal level, I came up with one new habit that keeps me from going to the restaurants to buy take outs. And frankly, this new green habit has been sooooo good for my pocketbooks too!

    I started freezing my soups and stews pretty consistently. I make a good size pot of something yummy, keep a few servings to enjoy right away, and parcel the rest into freezer-friendly tupperware containers. I put a piece of masking tape with ingredients and the date – voila!

    Eating a big pot of anything gets boring. But finding the same soup a month later, once my taste bugs got a break is a real treat. And when my fridge is empty, and I want a nutritious meal, it’s a lifesaver! (Ok, I wouldn’t starve to death, but I would end up eating packaged whatevers or a takeout, throwing away all the packaging and consuming things that are less than optimal for my body).

    This is what my freezer looks like right now!

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