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    Kaia Kailani

    Hi there! I have been researching camper van conversions. I want to turn my van into an awecome sleep nook! I have a Toyota mini van. I have used it for sleeping many times, but I still don’t feel like I have it as cozy and comfy as possible. My inflatable mattress constantly loses air, and I wake up on the bumpy car floor… I took out the two middle seats, and the two back ones fold into the floor. So I have the raw material to work with 🙂

    So far all the conversion ideas I have found on the web turn your van into a permanent nomad’s vehicle. All the back seats go away, or fold down, and a bed and cabinets get put on top of them. I have a nine year old little human who is my adventure co-pilot, so I need the back row seats to be available for driving.

    I found this adorable little video I want to share here. A mom of three little humans takes them camping, and their bed is on the back of their van – same kind of van I have!

    I have learnt so much from this few minutes long video!

    Sleep on two dog beds! (Why didn’t I think of this?!:)

    Use clips with prongs from an office supplies store to put up awesome warm-yellow-grow battery-operated lights onto the fabric roof inside the van!

    Use binder clips to hang a blanket to block off the front seats, and shove them into the cracks in the van!

    Use clear plastic bags for clothes! This one seems so obvious, but I have been using normal bags, and dumping everything out just to find something.

    Long story short, I am inspired to do these simple little things for my next trip! I will post photos! But for now, here is the link to the other mom’s blog and video.


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