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    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    If you understand what composting does, you also understand why it is necessary for a healthy garden. We all love the arc in the Circle of Life wherein soil grows into delicious food for us. Yet, when faced with the opposite arc, the part wherein living things break down into soil, many people react with a bit of an “Ew gross.” If you realize that it is a necessary—and balanced—opposite process, you can learn about it and even appreciate it.

    When done right, it is not “gross” and can even remind you that nature’s life cycles are adept at recycling organic matter. When successful, the resulting humus (the nutrient rich dark soil that you can mix into your garden bed) has a loamy smell that reminds me of new life waiting to happen.

    The basic formula (recipe!) has three parts: Brown (50%) + Green (50%) + Water (as needed)
    — Brown – plant matter harvested *after* it withers (fallen leaves, dead vines, etc)
    — Green – plant matter harvested while still growing (green leaves, vegetable scraps, etc)
    — Water – keep your mix of Brown+Green moist to support the decomposition chemistry

    Use the power of sunshine to keep your compost bin/pile warm to speed up the process.

    There are a number of tips about what to do and to not do. For example, DO NOT put meat or dairy products into your compost. Also, DO remix (churn!) and re-water your bin/pile from time to time. Once your get the basics, you can look forward to a rich home-made soil amendment for your garden that will organically and naturally enhance your garden output.

    Here’s a link to an EPA webpage detailing the basic of composting. You can do this at home in your garden. You can even do this indoors (read the article for tips to prevent to compost from smelling bad). Enjoy becoming a decomposing composer!


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