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    Over the summer, I created a small garden in a corner of my backyard. I’m currently renting, so I could not make comprehensive changes. Still, I wanted to offer a natural and productive place for my chosen vegetables. In the center, I had a small ceramic dish that collected water easily whenever I watered the garden. This dish became bee-central! It was like a speak-easy for the bees. They would congregate a dozen at a time in and around that dish. Somehow, it made me feel happy to see the bees with a safe-place refuge in this weary world.

    You can make your garden or yard bee-friendly, too! Take a look at these two articles, and find a way to tell the bees that you love them in bee-love-language (water, nectar, safety).



    Bee yourself; Bee kind; Bee proactive!

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  • Kaia Kailani

    February 7, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    This is really good information! I had no idea bees liked to congregate around a water dish. In my current living arrangements there are too many little kids congregating everywhere to do this 🙂 But when one day there is more space around me, I will definetely remember this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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