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    A drop in the ocean. Do you sometimes feel this way? When I ever do feel this way, I like to also remind myself that even a single drop in the ocean is a part of that mighty ocean. The ocean is mighty because of the collection of all the drops blending as one and surging together to sway the tides around them. These tides are powerful and are comprised of the concerted movements of each drop within. When the drops move together, the resulting tides and currents can have a powerful influence on the world around them, overcoming or destroying obstacles to the flow. Even a single drop can contribute to a great change in the world. I am a drop in this mighty human ocean. I mingle and swirl around with other human drops in the ocean. We dance together, exchanging energy, sharing experiences, creating turbulence, flowing together, and flavoring each other’s lives. With all this interaction, it becomes impossible to tell where one drop ends and the next drop begins. Indeed, I carry the echoes of the stories and attitudes that I’ve picked up from all the other drops that I’ve bumped into over my vast time in this vast ocean. No other drop has had precisely my journey nor does any other drop carry my specific story. I am a unique drop, in this moment, in this ocean. I carry a little bit of every drop that has influenced me on my journey. The entire ocean echoes within me. I am limitless, if I can carry the ocean in a drop.

  • A Drop in the Ocean — the Ocean in a Drop

  • Kaia Kailani

    February 7, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Ooof, well said! I gotta let this one sync in…

    I love what you said: “impossible to tell where one drop ends and the next drop begins”. I also ponder sometimes how embodying our uniqueness is somehow a part of this powerful process of giving it up eventually and remembering our place in the ocean. The journey of fully getting here and owning being this marvelous drop for now…

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